Citizenship in Santa Fe

The New Mexico Supreme Court is partnering with Council to offer Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in Society and Citizenship in the World. Legislative Aids will offer parents who wish to stay a tour of the Roundhouse. Merit Badge Counselors will make every effort to complete the merit badges on the day of the event. Electronic devices may be useful for some of the merit badges but should not be used unless directed by the Merit Badge Counselor. Scouts should arrive in Class A uniform with a day pack, essentials, and notebook and pen. Scouts, please read the entire merit badge book and complete any prerequisites before the class date.  Merit badge workbooks to write out answers are optional, but helpful: Please see below for prerequisites and information on each merit badge.

Each Scout may register for (1) merit badge
Cost is $40.00
Pizza lunch will be served
Registration is limited to the first 20 scouts for each merit badge
Registration closes August 3, 2024

Citizenship in the Community

A nation is a patchwork of communities that differ from each other and may be governed differently. But regardless of how local communities differ, they all have one point in common: In the United States, local government means self-government. Good citizens help to make decisions about their community through their elected local officials.

  • Prerequisites:
    • With the approval of your counselor and a parent, watch a movie that shows how the actions of one individual or group of individuals can have a positive effect on a community. Discuss with your counselor what you learned from the movie about what it means to be a valuable and concerned member of the community.
    • 7a: Identify three charitable organizations outside of Scouting that interest you and bring people in your community together to work for the good of your community.
    • 7b: Pick ONE of the organizations you chose for requirement 7a.
      • Using a variety of resources (including newspapers,  fliers and other literature, the Internet, volunteers, and employees of the organization), find out more about  this organization.
    • 7c: With your counselor’s and your parent’s approval, contact the organization you chose for requirement 7b, and find out what young people can do to help.
      • While working on this merit badge, volunteer at least eight hours of your time for the organization. After your volunteer experience is over, discuss what you have learned with your counselor.
  • New Mexico Supreme Court Justices will be available to fulfil Requirements 3 and 4.
  • An electronic device will be helpful for completing this merit badge.

Citizenship in the Nation

As Scouts fulfill the requirements for this merit badge, they will learn how to become active citizens are aware of and grateful for their liberties and rights, to participate in their governments and protect their freedom, helping to defend their country and standing up for individual rights on behalf of all its citizens.

  • Prerequisites:
    • Watch the national evening news for five days in a row or read the main stories in a national media organization (e.g., a newspaper or news website) for five days in a row. Discuss the national issues that you learned about with your counselor. Choose one issue and explain how it affects you, your family, and community.
    • With your counselor’s approval, choose a speech of national historical importance. Explain: a. Who the author was b. What the historical context was c. What difficulties the nation faced that the author wished to discuss d. What the author said e. Why the speech is important to the nation’s history. Choose a sentence or two from the speech that has significant meaning to you, and tell your counselor why.
  • State- and national-level public servants may be on hand for discussion
  • Scouts will get a tour of the Roundhouse and another place on the National Register of Historic Places.

Citizenship in Society

The focus of the Citizenship in Society merit badge is to provide you with information on diversity, equity, inclusion, and ethical leadership. You’ll learn why these qualities are important in society and in Scouting, as well as how to help other people at all times and serve as a leader and an upstander. The Boy Scouts of America continues to be committed to developing a culture in which every youth, volunteer, and employee feels included and welcomed — and to building communities where every person feels respected and valued.

  • New Mexico Supreme Court Justices will be on hand to discuss:
    • Leadership (Requirement 2)
    • Ethical decision-making (Requirement 3)
    • Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (Requirement 7).

Citizenship in the World

Scouts who earn the Citizenship in the World merit badge will discover that they are already a citizen of the world. How good a citizen each person is depends on his willingness to understand and appreciate the values, traditions, and concerns of people in other countries.

  • International Scouts will be available to visit with us to fulfill requirement 7c