Popcorn 2024 Spring Launch

Opportunity. In a word, opportunity describes the annual popcorn campaign and the promise it holds for Scouts, your unit, and the Great Southwest Council that bring us all together. Scouting creates learning opportunities. Popcorn sales make those opportunities into reality.

Soar to new heights with 2023 top 10 high sellers, Kernels and a high seller from each unit, and representatives from any unit that might have missed the sale last year. All are invited to attend our 2024 Popcorn Launch with games, a sundae bar, and of course, popcorn.

Please register to attend and see what opportunities 2024 has to offer!

Event Summary


May 4, 2024


2:00pm -4:00pm


Main Council Office - See map

Registration Opens

March 29, 2024

Registration Closes

May 3, 2024


Zero, Nada, $0


When registering, pick the participant type that represents your primary popcorn sales role.