Recharter 2024

Our annual recharter season is upon us!  The recharter tool opens October 2nd, and our goal is to have all charters submitted to the Council by December 4th.  The resources on this page, and the National rechartering page (, should provide the information to successfully complete the recharter process by December 4th.  However, if you have any questions, you can contact the Council Registrar, Kathy Ferdig, at, or the Council Commissioner, Dale Balmer, at  

  Click HERE to download the Recharter Training conducted by Dale Balmer.

Thanks again, look forward to seeing what you come up with!



Recharter Checklist

File Name Description
2023 JTE CREW Scorecard Download
2023 JTE Pack Scorecard Download
2023 Membership Fees Download
2023 Troop JTE Scorecard Download
Recharter 2024 Charter Agreement Download