So you are thinking about volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America, Great SW Council? PERFECT! We are most certainly going to have something for you that will take advantage of your skills, abilities and interests.Regardless of what you might do, you will be instrumental in developing our youth into the kinds of people and leaders that our country and the world will need in the future. It's rewarding work and you will be working with other volunteers that share your dedication to this important task.

Just a heads up: becoming a BSA volunteer will require several steps. There's an application, there's an interview and a background check depending on the position for which you are volunteering. It's kind of like volunteering for a job that you don't get paid for. (You knew that, right?) All kidding aside, you will reap the kinds of rewards that money cannot buy. If you are still interested, complete the form at the right and someone from our Council office will reach out to you to get things rolling.

Thanks for contacting us!

More info:

Click HERE to see the variety of positions where you might find your fit.

Click HERE to find information about our premium outdoor camp, Gorham Scout Ranch. We are always looking for staff to fill these critical positions and we are now hiring for the 2024 camping season!

If you think your volunteering interest might be at the local pack, troop or unit, click HERE to find one near you.

Here is the on-line application for volunteers.

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