Popcorn Sales 2023

Popcorn season offers a unique opportunity for Great Southwest Council scouts to get out into their communities and showcase their volunteer activities, High Adventures, and all of the amazing learning that takes place during the scouting year. The Great Southwest Council's 2023 Trail's End Popcorn Sale can open doors for every scout to do their best and experience all that scouting has to offer. Register now and see scouts enjoy the benefits all year long.

Why Sell Popcorn?

  • Increase your unit and council income.

  • Pay for your entire Scouting program.

  • Scouts learn life lessons by "earning their own way".

  • The prize program motivates Scouts.

  • Cool new incentives for Scouts who sell.

  • Selling on-line is easy for everybody involved.


Selling On-line

Selling online is the best way to sell to friends and family who live far away. Online sales count toward Scout rewards. Participants can send emails to friends and family asking them to purchase Trail’s End products online. The email includes a link allowing them to begin shopping right away. Customers can pay with a credit card, and the products are shipped directly to the customer by Trail’s End. The advantages of online sales is that the Scout doesn’t have to collect money or deliver product.

2023 Popcorn Links


2023 Schedule

  • Now - Online Sales

  • July - Sept. - Trail's End Webinars

  • July 11 - GSWC Kickoff

  • August 13, 5pm - Show and Sell order due

  • August 25 - Order pick up (Units in San Juan or Sangre de Cristo by arrangement)

  • November 6 - Take Orders due

  • November 17 - Take Orders pickup