Unit Service

The Council Commissioner publishes a monthly newsletter that is released at the end of each month. It looks at data related to commissioners and unit service. It also has a section for Unit-related information such as program changes, new policies, training opportunities, upcoming events, etc. The most recent newsletters are posted in this area of the website.
Commissioner's Newsletter
The Council’s Partnership for Scouting program asks every unit in the council to equitably share the cost of the council services they receive, in a manner of their choosing. The program sets goals for units to achieve in areas of 1-financial contributions via donations or product sales; 2-program status as measured by BSA’s Journey to Excellence (JTE) program; and attending a Day Camp (Packs) or Gorham Scout Ranch (Troops, Crews) once every three years. For units that meet the goals and achieve Partner status, the unit’s receive such benefits as a rebate of their Council Charter Fee, 10% discount for day camps and summer camp programs, free rank cloth patches and cards at the Scout Office, and many other benefits. Progress in achieving Partner status is report periodically and posted on this area of the Council’s website.
More Information on Partnership Program
BSA offers many opportunities for recognizing Scouts and their Leaders. The Assistant Council Commissioner for Recognition provides information on different awards. The information is posted to this area of the website.
Monthly Recognition Notes
The Council holds monthly virtual Roundtables. The information presented at the Roundtable is collated and circulated to Unit Key 3 via email. The package is then posted at this area of the website.
Roundtable Minutes