Membership Committee

GWSC Council Membership Steering Committee

The Council Membership Steering Committee is chaired by the Vice President for Membership and includes the Council Commissioner, the three age-based programs Vice Presidents (Cubs, Scouts BSA, Young Adult), the Council Scout Executive, and the Council’s District Executive(s)

The Council Membership Committee establishes the annual membership plans and goals (link to plan), subject to Council Executive Board approval, and meets monthly to review progress to annual plan, manage the council membership budget, address membership issues and risks affecting zones and units, plan and execute council level membership strategies, and plan/execute council support of unit-led membership activities.

As necessary, the Steering Committee invites the council-level Training, Advancement, and Activities chairs to support membership-focused events and recruit volunteers to support projects.


GSWC Guiding Principles & Strategic Approach for Membership:

  • The quality of the Scouting experience for youth and adult volunteers comes first.
  • The most effective recruiter in Scouting is a Scout who is enthusiastic about their unit
  • The Council Membership VP and Committee are responsible for setting goals and council wide strategies. The committee looks to share information, ideas, best practices, and resources/materials to enable unit membership activities
  • Most membership activity is executed at the unit level through personal interaction with scouters and youth/families.
  • The Council Membership VP and Committee will pursue activities that can complement and enhance unit-led membership activities, with a focus on reaching new families
  • Every Scouting activity has the potential to be a membership activity – be creative
  • Membership (recruiting and retention) is an all-year focus, not just during spring and fall campaigns
  • If you are interested in helping to grow scouting in the GSWC, please contact the VP for Membership, Randy at:


2024 GSWC Membership Goals

  • Membership Committee will work with units across the council to sustain and grow overall membership. We will target growth of 5% growth for cubs, 1% growth for Scouts BSA, and 5% growth for Crews.
  • Expand council diversity. In 2024 create at least 1 new unit with members (youth and/or adults) who are predominantly from minority ethnicity or religious groups. Potential groups for inclusion are Islamic Community Centers, Mosques, Jewish Temples, Hispanic Community Centers, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Asian community centers, Native American groups, etc.
  • On a monthly basis, monitor, track, and report Cub Scout and BSA units with fewer than 10 registered youth. Ensure the rationale for maintaining a unit with fewer than the minimum number of scouts remains relevant and allows for potential focused support or assistance to help foster growth.

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