Life to Eagle

Becoming an Eagle Scout is one of the most challenging yet rewarding things that you can achieve. You can excel at sports or shine in the arts. Hobbies that grab your attention at one age do not always remain interesting. Working through the requirements to become an EagleScout gives you invaluable experience in such a wide variety of fields of study and most of them allow for a hands-on interaction and not just a lesson from a book. It will become an important part of your life that will remain forever.

Our goal within the Great Southwest Council is to better assist Life Scouts in their quest for Eagle and we have established procedures to help in your understanding in meeting National’s requirements according to the policies and guidelines as prescribed by the Boy Scouts of America.

This information in the links below serves as a guide is for both the Life Scout and Scout leaders as they prepare to travel down the trail toward the attainment of the Eagle Scout rank. We want to share some of the words of wisdom
that we have learned and that will help you on your journey. While working through these steps, a scout should share this information with his Scout leaders to fully understand the procedure and ensure a smooth process. We want to give you the greatest help possible for your success.
The Advancement Committee is here to help you and you can contact them with questions or needed assistance. .

After looking at those, you will be glad to know there is a training to explain the Eagle Scout process. You, your parents and your leaders are encouraged to attend the Life to Eagle Training. It is offered 2 times a year, live and/or Zoom, and usually starts at 10 am and ends by noon. Your ZAC knows when the next class is.

Eagle Scout Requirements

Eagle Scout Project WorkbookEagle Scout Application


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