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Great Southwest Council2020 Popcorn Campaign

2020 Popcorn Campaign

Key Dates

June - July - Units conduct Ideal Year of Scouting Budget Conferences

July 1 - Scouts start selling with OnLine Direct! Register your account with Trail's End to earn double points on every OnLine Direct sale during Trail's End's special weekend promotions. We'll get word out when we know which weekends they're offering this special opportunity. 

Council will pay shipping for Online Direct orders!

START SELLING NOW! Whether its Take Order or Online Direct, you can be earning money and prizes for your unit and Scouts now!

July 3  Commitment form due to council for 2% commission, in combination with attending training webinars. 

(Webinars do not need to be completed by July 3)


Sign up for Trail's End Training Webinars at

Join the Trail's End Scout Parent Facebook Group. Answers to your questions and tips on selling anytime. 

Test SCOUTFB to 62771 to join.


Sept. 28th Storefront (a.k.a. Show & Sell) orders due in for delivery to the council office on October 13th-We will make arrangements for deliveries to outlying districts. If you've made arrangements with a location to start sales earlier, let Caryl know as soon as possible so we can get your product to you quickly!

Storefront product distribution October 13th require payment at pickup, max of 2 week postdated check accepted

Oct 19 - Take Orders Due in

Nov 12 & 13 - Take Order Distribution (payment required at pickup, max of 2 week postdated check accepted)

Dec 4th - Last day for Online Orders


Why Sell Popcorn?

This year's Popcorn sale is more important than ever for both the unit and the Council. The COVID-19 virus has taken so much away from all of us. The ability to gather, the chance to learn important Scouting skills, and our opportunities to build stronger units through fundraising. Funding your unit's Scouting program through popcorn sales is the best way to enhance your future Scouting endeavors. The sale is equally important to our Council so that we can provide adequate funding and maintenance to Gorham Scout Ranch, get Campbell Scout Ranch up and running, provide service to units, develop new programs, and much more.


We want to help you make Popcorn the one fundraiser that supports your Scouting unit all year. If you have any questions, or you're not sure if popcorn is right for you, please reach out to us!

Great Southwest Council Popcorn Kernel


Great Southwest Council Development Director

Caryl Sharpe








v   $100 awards will be given to the top selling units in each district.  

v  Top Council Winner.  The top selling unit in the council will receive a $200 bonus credited to their unit account!




v Top Sellers Award.  Individual Scouts selling $5,000 in total sales will receive a brand new Nintendo Switch!



Popcorn Resources update coming! 

2019 Take Order Form

Training on the new Trail's End App

Presentation from Trail's End on what's new this year

Military Donation Receipt

Leader Training info from Trails End

2019 Commitment Form - Print and Submit

2019 Popcorn Guidebook

Unit Kick Off Suggested Agenda

Storefront Commitment for families and scouts

Storefront Participation Tracker version 1

Unit Budgeting Presentation

Unit Budget Form              Unit Budget Form  
(PDF version)                    (XLS version)

XLS version has formulas to make the process easier

Steps to a successful online campaign

Unit Leader Instructions

Lots of other great resources are available on the Trails End website at: