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Trail to First Class—for 1st year campers

The purpose of the Trail to First Class program is to provide your newer Scouts a more focused approach to help them develop the skills they need to advance to Tenderfoot, Second Class & First Class. This will allow these Scouts to truly learn the skills, as well as give them potentially more time to earn other merit badges.

The Trail to First Class Program is comprised of six different courses that are offered twice daily, except Swimming (Michael Phelps-offered once a day at 11:00am). You will be able to register a Scout for one or more of these classes using the Tentaroo program online to tailor fit a schedule for them.

Class Title

Description Requirements/Awards Completed







Paul Bunyan is deeply rooted in American Folklore and passed around by early North American Loggers. In this class, scouts will learn about safe handling, techniques and appropriate usage of Axes, Saws, Hatchets and Knives. Scouts will have the opportunity to learn how to create an appropriate  ax yard, how to choose what kind of wood to cut, all while obeying the Outdoor Code. Additionally, Scouts will learn about the environment around them and be able to identify local plants, animals and signs of hazardous weather.

· Totin’ Chip

· Rank Requirements

Þ Scout: 5

Þ Tenderfoot: 3D

Þ 2nd Class: 2B, 4

Þ 1st Class: 5A-D

Smokey Bear




Smokey the Bear has been the face of fire prevention since 1944, but like Smokey always says, Only YOU can prevent forest fires. In this program, Scouts will how to safely build and extinguish campfires, identify appropriate places and situations to build camp fires or use stoves and work toward earning their fire safety merit badge.

· Firem’n Chit

· Fire Safety Merit Badge*

(Requirement 11 Prereq)

· Rank Requirements

Þ 2nd Class: 2C+2D

Ropes & Poles




Knots and Lashings are one of the oldest skills humankind have had in order to build structures and gadgets. Scouts attending the Pioneer class will learn many different knots, lashings and types of rope and when to use them. They will then use these skills to make a useful camp gadget that their unit can use in their campsites.

· Rank Requirements

Þ Scout: 4A+4B

Þ Tenderfoot: 3A-C

Þ 2nd Class: 2F+2G

Þ 1st Class: 3A-D

Scouts in Action




For years, Scouts have been seen in the news utilizing first aid and response skills they learned while being a scout. First Aid skills and knowing how and when to correctly utilize them can often be the difference in saving a persons life. In this program, scouts will learn how to treat different types of injuries, avoid injury, learn how to create and maintain a first aid kit, identify and react to bullying, seek help in emergencies, and transport individuals who are injured.

· Rank Requirements

Þ Tenderfoot: 4A-D

Þ 2nd Class: 6A-E, 9A+B

Þ 1st Class: 7A-F





Next to Gorham Scout Ranch lies the Pecos Wilderness, a very primitive natural area that has had very minimal impact by humans. For those who were to explore this pristine wilderness, they would need to be well equipped and knowledged for hiking and navigating the terrain. Scouts will learn skills such as using a map and compass, how to choose the appropriate attire on a hike, and completing a 5 mile hike.

· Rank Requirements

Þ Tenderfoot: 5A-C

Þ 2nd Class: 3A-D

Þ 1st Class: 4A+B

Michael Phelps




Who doesn’t like to go for a swim? Swimming and other water activities are very popular for us, however, it can also be very dangerous. From 2005-2014, there was an average of 10 deaths per day in drowning accidents in the United States. In this program, Scouts will learn skills to keep them safe while in the water as well as learn skills to help save others who may be at risk of drowning.

· Rank Requirements

Þ 2nd Class: 5A-D

Þ 1st Class: 6A-E




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