It is with great enthusiasm that the Great Southwest Council announces that it will be offering a new concept for High Adventure programming during the 2017 summer camp session! This exciting offering allows your adventurers to plan a week-long program that is fresh, exciting, and exclusively for them. Space is limited. Contact the Camp Director today for more information



Choose Your Own Adventure

Perfect for Venturing Crews, Varsity Teams and Older Boy Scouts (14 years of age or older)

We live in an age where high adventure opportunities are everywhere! As Scouts age and progress through the program, the same old merit badge program begins to lose its luster and they begin to lose interest in attending a traditional summer camp. Offering new and exciting outdoor opportunities is a must in order to keep up with their interest.

This year, we are offering a “Choose Your Adventure” program to help ensure that your scouts have the best experience possible at camp. Choose Your Adventure means that your units older boy patrol or venture crew will choose from a list of High Adventure opportunities that your unit would be interested in participating in during your week of camp, and between your crew leader and our High Adventure Director, we will create your itinerary for your crew. If there is an activity that your crew is interested in doing, and is not on the list, feel free to discuss this with our High Adventure Coordinator so that we can see if we can make that activity happen.

Only 1 unit, group or crew will be accepted for our High Adventure Program per week of summer camp. A Provisional High Adventure Program for individuals interested in participating in this program will be available during our Webelos Week in the Woods. Groups are limited to 10 participants, with a minimum of 2 adult participants. Transportation of participants will be required by group leadership.

Costs per participants will start at our base resident summer camp rates and will increase depending on the adventure itinerary selected by group.

Reserve your high adventure experience today by contacting our Council Program Director, Randy Saunders. Our weekly program is first come, first serve, and we expect spots to fill fast!

List of Opportunities Available*

· Horseback Riding and Llama Trekking

· White Water Rafting

· Indoor and Outdoor Rock Climbing

· Assorted Single and Multi Day Hikes

· Back Country Backpacking

· Museum and Art Tours

· Golf Outings

· Canoeing and Kayaking

· Fishing Expeditions

· Mountain and Trail Biking

· ATV and 4x4 Tours

· Shooting Sports Outings


*Any opportunities not listed above may be provided upon approval of the Great Southwest Council and the High Adventure Coordinator. If your group is interested in an activity that is not listed above, please contact us well in advance so that there is appropriate time for logistical planning and reservations, if an outside vendor is needed.

*Additional costs may be incurred depending on the scope and duration of the activities as well as any outside outfitter fees. Participant Costs will be established after the crew or group has created an itinerary with the High Adventure Coordinator





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