Gorham Scout RanchSummer CampAll-terrain Vehicle Adventure

All-terrain Vehicle Adventure

This program is for older Scouts, ages 14 and up.

Dirt and horsepower — what’s not to love? Scouts and Venturers can learn how to safely drive an all-terrain vehicle at Gorham Scout Ranch this summer!

The aim of the ATV activities is safety and teaching Scouts basic operation of the vehicle while respecting the environment.

Scouts or Venturers must be age 14 or older to drive an ATV, and the program requires youth to wear long pants, long-sleeve shirts and over-the-ankle boots. Protective gear, including a helmet, will be provided by the Gorham Scout Ranch program.

This program will be led by an ASI (American Safety Institute) certified instructor. Over the course of five days, participants will learn safety procedures, vehicle care/maintenance, how to drive an ATV, and the culminating in trail rides into the seldom-seen areas of Gorham Scout Ranch.

The ATV Adventure is a week-long program that is a 90 minute course daily. The ATV Adventure is offered at 9:00am and 1:30pm. There will also be a session for adults to participate and ride at 3:00pm daily. Adult rides are $25 (register and pay at Camp Trading Post).

There will be a $40 fee for this program. Registration for this activity will be open on February 15, when merit badge class sign-ups begin, on Tentaroo.

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