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Great Southwest CouncilScouting At Home
BY: Lily Bray
Check out BSA's Scouting at Home webpage for current updates.
In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been asked to limit our person-to-person contact. We realize this does not come without challenges for our Scouting community.
We want to continue to offer this amazing program for our community's youth. Keeping our Scouts and their families active in their Scouting activities will not only keep them on track for advancement but offer great opportunities for the Scouts to learn outside the traditional "Scout meeting." Their families, their Akelas, can learn and grow along with them during this time. Scouting can take place anywhere - even in the comfort of your home!
Our Scouting community doesn't begin or end here on a local level. We have great resources in other districts, councils, national and even the world when it comes to sharing ideas for Scouting at home.
Our goal is to make it easier to deliver the Scouting program by sharing ideas and plans with our leaders and families. We would like to remind our leaders to stay in touch with their Scout's families during this time. We encourage all leaders, if possible, to hold virtual meetings and activities.
Parents, please remember to reach out to your leaders about online resources or ideas for activities your family can work on at home. It is important to always adhere to the current youth protection guidelines already in place for digital communications.
Here are some ideas and great resources to continue Scouting at home:
  • If your unit uses Scoutbook, utilize the communications features in Scoutbook to keep in touch with families and for youth and adults to track accomplishments.
  • Follow the Great Southwest Council Facebook page for new ideas on Scouting at Home.
  • For a limited time, get an entire year's worth of Boys' Life issues for free! Find projects you can create at home and stories that will take young readers' minds on adventures all over the world. Download the app for access from the App Store or on Google Play.
  • Follow BSA blogs and social channels, as well as #ScoutingAtHome.
The steps we are taking in these unknown times reinforce the many ways - big and small - that Scouting empowers character and leadership today and for generations to come.