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Key Dates

June - July - Units conduct Ideal Year of Scouting Budget Conferences


July 14 - Sangre de Cristo Unit Kernel/Leader Training

              Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Los Alamos

              9:00am to 11:00am (POC Randy Saunders - Randy.Saunders


July 25 - Metro Area Unit Kernel/Leader Training

                  Central United Methodist Church, University & Copper,

                  7:00 pm - 8:30 pm (POC Jan Gimar -


July 28 - Four Corners Area Unit Kernel/Leader Training

                   Aztec Community Center.

                  10:00 am - 11:30 am (POC Jan Gimar -


Aug 1st - Last day to submit Sales Commitment Form (units that meet this deadline AND attend Kernel's training receive an extra 1% commission)

Aug 12th - Show & Sell Orders Due in

Aug 24 & 25 - Show & Sell Distribution (payment required at pickup, max of 2 week postdated check accepted)

Aug 26 - Popcorn Sales Commence - all methods

Oct 15 - Show & Sell return deadline (this is the last date to receive credit for unsold product)

Oct 21 - Take Orders Due in

Oct 15 - Last 1-on-1 Performance award 

Oct 22 - Last Day to submit entry for "Fill a Sheet" prize

Nov 2 & 3 - Take Order Distribution (payment required at pickup, max of 2 week postdated check accepted)

Dec 5th - Last day for Prize Orders, Don't miss out on ordering prizes for your scouts!!!


Military Donation Receipt

Leader Training info from Trails End

2018 Commitment Form - Print and Submit

2018 Popcorn Guidebook

Unit Kick Off Suggested Agenda

Unit Kick Off Report

Show & Sell Commitment for families and scouts

Show & Sell Participation Tracker version 1

Check out the awesome prizes for the 2018 Campaign. 

Click here for the Popcorn Prize Flyer


v Weekly Show & Sell Performance.  Units using the 1-ON-1 Show & Sell approach are eligible.  The unit with the top sales for the week will receive a $50 credit to unit account. 

v District Winners.  $100 awards will be given to the top selling units in each district.  The quantity awarded in each district will be based on the number of units selling in the district.

v Top Council Winner.  The top selling unit in the council will receive a $200 bonus credited to their unit  account!

v New Unit “WELCOME ABOARD” Package sponsored by Trail’s End.  Units joining the sale or coming back after a three-year absence will receive 100% commission on their first $1,000 in sales IF they sell a       minimum of $1,500. To qualify: The unit must not have sold popcorn for the last three sales campaigns; or be a NEW UNIT registered since Dec. 1, 2017 (conclusion of last year’s sale).



v Weekly Fill-a-Sheet Winners. Starting the week of Sept. 10, we will draw a winner from the filled Take Order sheets submitted the previous week. Prize: $50 GIFT CARD.  (Choice of Amazon, iTunes, Walmart, or Scout Shop gift card.)

v Individual prizes. The Council will offer a Prize Plan, via National Supply Group, giving Scouts a choice of several prizes based on their total sales. Units may opt out of this system and receive an additional 2% commission; units are encouraged to offer their own sales incentives to inspire their Scouts.

v Grand Prize Program. Scouts will receive $25 on a GIFT CARD for each $800 multiple of their total sales.  ($800 wins $25; $1600 wins $50, etc.) (Choice of Amazon, iTunes, Walmart, or Scout Shop gift card.)

v Top Sellers Award.  The top 2 sellers (total sales) in council select one of the following Gorham adventures: pool party for 12 people, high in the sky experience for 12 people (not available to Cub Scouts), shooting gallery experience for 12 people

Note: Eligibility for the last three scout recognitions listed above is based on ALL SALES reported under the Scout’s name in the Trails End system.


Unit Budgeting Presentation

Unit Budget Form              Unit Budget Form  
(PDF version)                    (XLS version)

XLS version has formulas to make the process easier

Steps to a successful online campaign

Online Sales - Scout Instructions

Online Sales - Leader Instructions


Lots of other great resources are available on the Trails End website at:


Why Sell Popcorn?

The popcorn sale is extremely important to funding your unit's Scouting program! The sale is equally important to our Council so that we can provide adequate funding and maintenance to Gorham Scout Ranch, get Campbell Scout Ranch up and running, provide service to units, develop new programs, and much more.


We want to help you make Popcorn the one fundraiser that supports your Scouting unit all year. If you have any questions, or you're not sure if popcorn is right for you, please reach out to us!

Great Southwest Council Popcorn Kernel

Jan Gimar -

Great Southwest Council Program Director

Dawn Kristensen