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Click here to read the original 2017 Partnership letter from the Great Southwest Council Executive Board.

Click here to read the 2021 annual Partnership program update from the Great Southwest Council Executive Committee.

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Click here to review some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Partnership for Scouting.

Click here for the most recent 2022 Partnership report. It has financial contribution data as of 12/31/2022, popcorn sales data as of 1/13/2023, and recharter and JTE form submission status as of 1/20/2023. It also updates chartering organizations (CO) for units that have changed CO in the last few months. This is the final report for 2022, pending receipt of JTE forms, recharters, and any feedback on needed corrections.   Our goal is to finalize which units make Partner status prior to the Council's annual business meeting on February 16th, 2023. 

Click here for the final 2021 Partnership report, current as of January 27th, 2022.  It reflects final 2021 data for camping, donations via Friends of Scouting and Gondola Patrol, and popcorn sales data.  It also reflects JTE and recharter status as of 1/26/2022.  

Click here for the final 2020 Partnership report, current as of February 14th, 2021.    

Click HERE for the Final 2019 Partnership Report, current as of January 31st, 2020.      

Click here to see how your unit(s) did in 2018. 

2019 actual benefits received by Partnership units

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How much can your unit save by qualifying as a Partnership unit in 2020?

Click here to open an Excel spreadsheet that allows you to calculate the value of different Partner benefits to your unit