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Cub & Family Scouting:  Same gender Dens within a Co-Ed Pack.  These Dens are led by Den Leaders who will teach the youngest of our youth the principles of Scouting. 

Adult role models provide meaningful learning experiences that introduce our youth to our world. They help our youth to explore our world through the many Belt Loop and Pin Adventures.  Adult Volunteers will teach them important skills and foundational principles about how our world works.  Inevitably, these Volunteers will be showing each and every youth what it takes to make the world thrive.  

Scouts BSA as of Feb 2019 (formerly Boy Scouting): Single gender Troops.  Troops provide a Scout-Led and Scout-Run program, yet these Scouts must be trained to be leaders, planners, and goal getters.

Adult role models in Scouting provide an ideal learning experience for our youth. Every adult involved has something valuable to offer. On a typical weekend campout, Scouts might work with an adult volunteer who teaches the Fishing merit badge and with a Scout mom to learn orienteering, go on a 5-mile hike with another adult leader, and end the day learning how to clean and cook fresh fish from someone else.

Day Camp/Camp Staff/Merit Badge Counselors: Concentrated curriculum over a short period of time. 

Can you teach a scout how to Shoot? Are you creative and can help develop artistic skills in our youth? Are you athletic and able to assist scouts to learn coordination and balance? Are you a professional or have a hobby that matches any of BSA's 135 Merit Badges? 



The advantages of Scouting are not just limited to our youth. Adult Volunteers also develop leadership and physical skills with every Training Experience, Troop Meeting, and Activity.  Volunteers will also spend time ensuring the success of Scouting in their Troops, and ultimately their communities. There are a multitude of volunteer positions available at all levels in Scouting. In fact, volunteers believe their time invested with the Boy Scouts of America helps them be:

  • A better citizen
  • A better parent
  • A better manager
  • A better employee
  • More patient and tolerant of others
  • More open to new ideas and opinions

We need you to provide the direction, coaching, and training that empowers today’s youth with the skills they will need to lead tomorrow.  You make it possible to give our Youth the experience of a lifetime!

Get involved today! Contact the Great Southwest Council to learn more about how you can get involved

For more information on what volunteering can do for you, read the Volunteer Outcomes Study