It is with great enthusiasm that the Great Southwest Council announces that it will be offering, for the first time in four years, a High Adventure program during its summer camp session! This exciting guided excursion into the untamed backcountry is available to all at only at a fraction of the cost of travelling to other High Adventure bases, and will serve as a new and exciting outlet for young men who want to spend their time at camp doing something physically and mentally rewarding.



The Trekker’s Path

This rugged weeklong experience incorporates thrilling undertakings such as a guided tour of Chimayo canyon and overnight treks into the high altitude Carson National Forest. The culmination of the week will be a demanding two-day expedition down the Rio Grande

Q: What Activities are being Offered?

A: Volunteers for the Master Trekker Program will have access to a five-day adventure across Northern New Mexico.

Day 1 will consist of a guided tour of the Chimayo Canyon, the lush and vibrant valley that Gorham Scout Ranch resides in. While many people have come to visit the Ranch, very few have ventured beyond its borders into the neighboring, less refined territory. Reaching as far North as Cundiyo and South to the Capulins, the canyon holds may secrets that only a familiar eye can recognize. This day hike will also allow the guides and the participants to get to know each other on a personal level, and develop the rapport necessary for success in the backcountry.

Starting on Day 2 and through to Day 3 the trek group will depart for the mountainous heights of Carson National Forest. The awe-inspiring, sharply peaked wilderness will be our home as we attempt a crossing over of the remote Columbine-Hondo Wilderness area, summiting the 12400 foot Gold Hill.

Day 4 will mark the beginning of our return to the rolling plains of the Espanola valley; however, this journey will be no simple endeavor. Our friends at Los Rios River Runners have graciously offered to assist us make our return via the mighty Rio Grande. Starting at the Taos Box, we will ride and paddle our way down the Rio Grande for two rough days, making our camp on one of the gentler banks somewhere in the wilderness.

Day 5 will conclude our rafting adventure and our return to camp and the amenities that it offers, with time to rest and relax before the exclusive closing ceremony hosted by the High Adventure Staff for participants only. During which, we will celebrate graduates and honor exemplary conduct in the bush. When the ceremony concludes, those honored will be recognized as Gorham Master Trekkers.

Q: What is the cost? What do we need to bring?

A: Registering for the Master Trekker program is both a simple and economical decision. After registering your troop for a week of scout camp ($300), simply register for High Adventure for only $125 more, for a total cost of $425, a fraction of the cost for travelling to another location that charges twice as much. Your older boys will have new and exciting opportunities outside of the merit bade program, and your younger boys get to experience our industry-leading merit badge education.


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