Veterans Day Parade

Veterans Day Parade
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Sunday, November 11 will be the NM Veteran's Parade.   Scouts are invited to walk/ride along with our New Mexico Veterans.   Line up will begin at 7:30am with the parade staring at 9:00am.  Look for the military convey (cattle cars) and/or ask for Kelly Hunt's group.   
The starting point will be at Bullhead Park (take San Pedro South to Bullhead Park).   The ending point is the NM Veteran's Memorial on Louisiana (just north of Gibson).   There appears to be parking just East of Bullhead park, as well as in the neighborhood just North of Bullhead Park.   
Remember to bring sunscreen, water, and jacket (check the weather).   If you are attending with your unit, please have at least 1 adult present to ride with Scouts in the vehicles.   If your unit is not attending but you still would like to participate, please have 1 responsible adult accompany the Scout, either in the vehicle or walking along beside them.   
Please note the date for the parade is different from what we were told in September-- the parade is now planned for Sunday, November 11 (as was confirmed today).
Participation in this event may count towards advancement.   Talk with your leader for more information.
Wolf Required Council Fire
7.   Participate in an event such as a parade or assembly celebrating military veterans.
Bear Required Paws for Action
4B.   Participate in a patriotic community parade or other civic event that honors our country.
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