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21+ Positions:

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If you would be a good fit for any of the positions above, reach out to our camp director at gkelly15363@gmail.com to apply!

Camp Staff Positions

The following are abbreviated job descriptions to acquaint you with the basic duties of each Staff member. Additional duties may and will be assigned during Staff Training Week, as well as during the camping season. It is everyone’s job to make sure the camp operates as the best summer camp in the Southwest.

Aquatics Director
Responsible for: administering the camp aquatics program according to National BSA policies; training and supervising the aquatics Staff; maintaining equipment including the pool (with the assistance of the Camp Ranger); maintaining advancement standards; and supervises instruction, free swims, and other aquatic activities. Reports to the Program Director.

Archery Officer
Responsible for the safe operation of the archery range according to National BSA policies. Maintains advancement standards. Reports to the Field Sports Director.

Assistant Ranger
Works with the Camp Ranger on maintenance of camp facilities and land management/conservation - supporting all camp operations.  Has frequent contact with adult leaders and scouts as well as outside contractors.  DIY, specific trades experience or land management experience is a plus.

Business Manager
Responsible for maintaining the camp financial records, including: registration, food cost control, trading post records, purchase orders, petty cash vouchers, and supplemental food ordering. Checks and disperses the mail. Reports to the Camp Director.

Camp Clerk
The Camp Clerk is responsible for maintaining the records and administrative paperwork weekly. The Camp Clerk is stationed at the Camp Office and serves as the official greeter to visitors. Reports to the Camp Director.

Camp Director
Responsible for the overall administration of the camp, according to National BSA policy. This includes hiring of Staff, Staff training, food operation, equipment orders and inventories, budgeting, financial management, and health and safety of all those in camp. He is responsible to the Council Scout Executive.

Climbing Director
Responsible for the safe operation of the climbing program according to National BSA and Great Southwest Council policies, training and supervising the climbing Staff, maintaining climbing equipment and equipment logs, maintaining advancement standards. Reports to the High Adventure Director.

Responsible for: assisting Troops and Packs; encourage camping and the use of the patrol method; frequent contact with unit leaders; assisting with urgent problems; building spirit and enthusiasm; assisting with instruction in the first-year camper program; coordinating campsite inspection; and being a general liaison between the units and the camp administration. Reports to the Camp Director.

Food Service Staff
Includes Assistant Cooks, Dining Hall Steward and Dishwashers. Duties to be assigned will include: assist cook in meal preparation; assist in food storage and issuance; proper washing and storing all dishes, pots and utensils; cleaning kitchen and dining hall equipment; keeping garbage cans and rack area clean; assisting with serving; instructing and supervising table waiters for each meal. Responsible to the Head Cook/Kitchen Manager.

Head Cook/Kitchen Manager
Responsible for the kitchen and food service. Supervises the food service Staff. Prepares the menu, orders food, and controls the inventory. Reports to the Camp Director.

Horsemanship Director
Supervises and helps to train all Staff horseman. The primary contact for the health, safety and well-being of the horses, runs the Horsemanship Program as well as all horse-related program. Reports to the Program Director.

High Adventure Director
Responsible for the safe operation of the high adventure program according to National BSA and Great Southwest Council policies, training and supervising all high adventure Staff, maintaining high Adventure equipment, inventory and equipment logs, maintaining advancement standards. Reports to the Program Director.

Health Officer
Responsible for health and safety of everyone in camp -administers first aid, maintains camp physical forms, conducts medical rechecks, conducts daily sick-call, maintains the First Aid Log for campers and Staff, communicates regularly with the camp physician, controls all medications in camp. He/she also supervises the educational programs related to health. Reports to the Camp Director.

Nature Director
Supervises and trains the Nature Staff and Handicraft Staff; administers the nature/ecology/conservation program at camp; maintains advancement standards, assists Troops, packs, patrols, and individuals in carrying-out meaningful conservation projects. Reports to the Program Director.

Program Director
Responsible for training the Area Directors and Program Staff, operation of the camp program, maintaining standards of advancement policies, responsible for all program equipment. Assists Troop and Pack leaders in designing their programs, supervises special schedule arrangements. Responsible for all camp-wide activities, flag ceremonies, chapel services, and campfire programs. He supplies inspiration to the Staff and is always looking for ways to improve the quality of the camping experience for the campers. Reports to the Camp Director.

COPE Director
Responsible for the safe operation of the Project COPE course and program. Maintains records for equipment usage. Inspects the elements on the course periodically. Supervises the COPE Staff and other facilitators while course is in operation. Reports to the High Adventure Director.

Program Staff
Program Staff members will be assigned to work in a specific program area for the summer under
the supervision of the specific Area Director. Responsible for providing quality merit badge instruction in areas assigned, developing lesson plans, participating and assisting with evening and special programs, and in other ways contribute to the successful operation of their assigned area. Reports to their Area Director.

Camp Ranger
Responsible for the year-round maintenance of the camp. During summer camp he: is responsible for maintaining equipment and buildings in use, serves as Camp Fire Warden, and he insures proper sanitation facilities. He is the resident engineer, plumber, electrician, carpenter, etc.

Field Sports Director
Supervises the shooting ranges and the sports program; operates ranges according to National BSA and NRA policies; trains the Shooting Sports Staff; supervises instruction; maintains advancement standards; maintains the areas in a safe and attractive manner. Reports to the Program Director.

Scoutcraft Director
Responsible for: supervising Scoutcraft Staff, administering programs in camping, pioneering, cooking, orienteering, hiking, and wilderness survival; and maintaining advancement standards. Reports to the Program Director.

Staff-in-Training (SIT)
A SIT will have the opportunity to see the working aspects of all camp areas. A rotation schedule will be administered by the Program Director. The SIT assists in the operation of the area to which they are
assigned at a given time. Generally, they are not responsible for instructing merit badges, but may assist in other instruction and with programs. SIT’s are directly responsible to the Program Director.

Trading Post Staff
Responsible for inventory and cash on hand in the Trading Post; maintenance of accurate records that reflect daily and weekly business; makes requests for supplemental orders; and presenting courteous and imaginative sales presence. Maintains cleanliness of Trading Post service and storage areas. Reports to the Business Manager.

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