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Trail to First Class


Our Trail to First class Program is designed to introduce Scouts to camp life while helping them acquire skills that all Scouts need. Depending on your Scouts’ wants and needs we have different options to choose from. All the programs give a Scout the opportunity for growth and for fun.

Totin’ Chip, Fireman Chit, and Paul Bunyan Woodsman

These are three entry level certifications that show your Scouts how to handle wood tools, build safe fires, and advanced woodsman skills. All scouts participating in the First Year Camper Program will be taught each of these skills. Anyone that still needs to finish any of these can participate in the Drop-In program explained below.

Trail to First Class Program

This three hour session is designed for brand-new Scouts (Scouts and Tenderfoots). This is an intensive program that not only covers many requirements though First Class, but also shows first time campers what Gorham Scout Ranch has to offer in the future. Each session, the boys will visit a different area of camp and experience that program area. Also, every Scout will earn the “1st Timers” rocker that goes with their camp patch. Truly a worthwhile experience. Please allow the full three hours to participate in the program. Adults are welcome to come and join the fun too.

Trail to First class Drop-In

Our Drop-In program is perfect for Scouts that have a few dangling requirements left to complete their First Class rank. During the morning session (9am-12 noon), Scouts can “drop-in” and work on advancement for as long as they want. They can also choose which requirements to work on. Flexibility is built right in! Please remember to use the buddy system when sending kids to the Trail to First Class program area. Adult leaders are encouraged to drop in as well to sign off requirements as a Scout completes them.

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